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Celebrate Labor Day!

03 Sep

Happy Labor Day! Today is meant to be a great day to celebrate all the many men & women who work so hard on a daily basis to contribute and make a positive impact on this great country. Today is usually celebrated as the “unofficial end to summer”. There are no shortage of celebrations that spill from the weekend in to today. Whether you celebrate with fireworks, a cookout, friends or family, just remember that anything worth anything comes from diligence and hard work…so I have one question: How are you celebrating today?




Why You Should Ride Your Motorcyle To Pigeon Forge TN

30 Aug
As fall approaches, motorcycle season kicks into high gear. Once the weather starts to cool a little bit, there is nothing better than enjoying the open road with a 360° view. The Great Smoky Mountains offers plenty of places to amazing views that you can enjoy on your bike. The ride through Maggie Valley and The Cherokee Trail are breath-taking, just to name a few. If you are looking for a thrill, ride The Dragon that boasts 318 curves in 11 miles to take you into North Carolina. While the mountains are beautiful, especially as the fall leaves will soon appear, the weather can change instantly. We have no shortage of gear that you need to make sure nothing gets in the way of enjoying your ride. From leather jackets to rain gear to gloves, we’ve got it. Stop by the store or check out our motorcycle center ( for all your riding needs.


No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem with Kenny Chesney Cowboy Hats

20 Oct

Kenny Chesney did not become the star he is today through his talent alone. Those stars are a dime-a-dozen. Chesney became what he is through good old-fashioned hard work. Really, what else would you expect from a good ol’ country boy? Born and raised a true southern boy in Tennessee, he discovered what he wanted to do while in college, and worked for it. No Problem Kenny ChesneyHe advertised his music, played in many smaller places, and built up to where he is today. Now, he is a country icon, with his own music, voice, and style. Now, he is known wherever he goes. He is unmistakable, just like his hat.

He has opened up his style of hats for the world to see what a true working man looks like, on vacation. His line of hats fits right in with his line of music. For example, the No Problems Straw Hat is a nice tan woven from palm leaves, perfect for relaxing on the beach, hat tilted down, with a cold drink in hand. See this hat and more in our store.


Justin Cowboy Hats Are For the True Cowboy

19 Oct

In April of 1983, John Milano started Milano Hat Company. Using his 28 years of experience in the hat industry, he began manufacturing and importing hats of nothing but the top quality. Seven years later, he began the line of hats called Justin Authentic Headware.Justin 20X Cutter Black Straw Hat When it comes to Justin hats, every detail matters. There is not a stitch of artificial leather in this hat, and all of the real leather is inspected before being used. All of these hats are made by hand. Every stitch in each hat, whether it be 2X Black Hills Wool hat or the 20X Cutter Black Straw hat, everything is made using nothing but the best. When you buy a Justin, you are getting an unwritten, unspoken, yet true nonetheless, guarantee. This is a real cowboy hat, rugged, true, functional, and stylish. A hat fit for a real cowboy.


Be A Modern Cowboy In Head ‘N Home’s Top Hat Collection

03 Nov

If you are a fan of country music, you’ve certainly seen the hottest thing trending right now in country style…the top hat!!  It first caught my eye with the release of Sugarland’s new album The Incredible Machine.  Kristian Bush, the musical genius behind the duo, has always had a fun and funky style and  is rarely seen without a hat.  He has recently been spotted in several different kinds of top hats, and I wanted to share a little more about a manufacturer who creates such brilliant head gear.  Head ‘N Home Hats has been creating wearable works of art since the mid 1970′s.  They pride themselves on unique styles and quality items.  We’ve got some great looks in our store and on our website that will help you achieve this modern cowboy look!Sugarland Top Hat


Get Motorcycle Ready With Leather Chaps

29 Oct

leatherchapszipperpocketsThe leaves are changing and all the colors of fall are in full bloom!  It’s the perfect time to take that Harley out for a joy ride to enjoy all the beautiful sights of nature!  One thing that comes with fall is a change in temperature.  For those of you who ride motorcycles, you know it typically feels about ten degrees colder when you’re out on the open road.  Not only will leather chaps keep you warm, but they can also protect your body better than any other material out there.  Another great thing about the Men’s and Women’s Leather Chaps With Zipper Pockets is,  you can keep your leather wallet in your pocket and not have to worry about it falling out on those turns.


Outback Leather Launches New Site Design

10 Jun

Outback LeatherOutback Leather has just launched our new site design.  In order to better serve our customers we felt it was necessary to enhance our customer user experience.  Tell us what you think of the new site design in the comment section below.