Justin Cowboy Hats Are For the True Cowboy

19 Oct

In April of 1983, John Milano started Milano Hat Company. Using his 28 years of experience in the hat industry, he began manufacturing and importing hats of nothing but the top quality. Seven years later, he began the line of hats called Justin Authentic Headware.Justin 20X Cutter Black Straw Hat When it comes to Justin hats, every detail matters. There is not a stitch of artificial leather in this hat, and all of the real leather is inspected before being used. All of these hats are made by hand. Every stitch in each hat, whether it be 2X Black Hills Wool hat or the 20X Cutter Black Straw hat, everything is made using nothing but the best. When you buy a Justin, you are getting an unwritten, unspoken, yet true nonetheless, guarantee. This is a real cowboy hat, rugged, true, functional, and stylish. A hat fit for a real cowboy.


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