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Motorcycle Chaps
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Motorcycle Chaps

Mens Motorcycle Chaps

ABOUT Motorcycle Chaps

Motorcycle Chaps

Motorcycle chaps and pants are one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from road rash when involved in an accident or even just from harsh elements such as rain, snow, bugs, stones, etc...

  • What are chaps?

  • Chaps are a protective layer of leather worn like pants, but are worn over pants. Most chaps buckle just like a belt, and have zippers down each leg, finished off with a few snaps on the bottom. Selecting a pair of chaps that is right for you, is as easy as trying on typical clothing. At Outback Leather we strive to give you exactly what you want.

  • How Should My Chaps Fit?

  • Selecting a pair of chaps is a little different than selecting a pair of jeans. Typical jeans go by length and width. When selecting a pair of chaps you actually want to pick a size that is right for the size of you thigh, as the waist-band can be adjusted to assure a proper fit. Also the length of the chaps can be custom cut to the wearers preference.