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Womens Old Gringo Boots On Sale Now (Page 2)
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Mens Old Gringo Boots | Womens Old Gringo Boots

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ABOUT Old Gringo Boots

Old Gringo Boots

Old Gringo boots are handcrafted to give every boot the vintage and traditional charm to make it one of today's hottest brands of cowboy boots. These boots have been worn by both men and women since created in 2000. Founded by Ernie Tarut and Yan Ferry, they have made there way from creation to the top of the fashion industry. In today's market if you are looking for a pair of cowboy boots that will set you apart from the crowd, then Old Gringo boots are the ones for you. From going out on the town to showing livestock these boots are made for comfort and durability. The noticeable pointed up toe while sitting on the shelf shows that they have been given the flexibility to ensure your comfort. After slipping your feet into a pair of Old Gringo boots, your feet will think that you have been wearing them for years just like your old comfy tennis shoes.