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Kids Cowboy Boots: Not Just For Halloween Anymore

27 Oct

Leopard GLitter Print Fashion Boot PinkEvery lady loves a good shoe, and every mom loves the tiny version of that shoe for her child!  I’ve been talking to so many moms who are dressing up their children as cowboys and cowgirls for Halloween, just because they love the tiny boots!!  I have to admit, they are the cutest little version of a grown-up style out there today.  If you are dressing your babies up as cowboys for Halloween, don’t limit their boots to October 31 alone.  May I suggest a western themed birthday party?  How about trying cowboy boots in  your family pictures this year?  Cowboy boots are so comfortable, your child can wear them to school and there is no need  to worry about changing for playtime!  One of my personal favs is the pink leopard print boot!  Get ‘em while they’re hot!


I Wanna Be a Cowboy

14 May

Kids change their fashion sense as trends come and go. This can depend on where you live and the lifestyle that kids live in terms of hobbies and work. John Deere boots are a great way that both kids and their parents can get great cowboy style if this is a fashion trend they’d like to pick up on.

To look like a cowboy, a boy or girl doesn’t have to go all out and wear the cowboy hat and duster coat. The days of full blown cowboy style are at an end, even for folks who live and work on a farm or with horses. Sure, there are kids’ cowboy boots for show and riding; but for everyday wear a great pair of John Deere boots fit in great with any wardrobe.

Why John Deere boots instead of a no brand boot from the local discount store? Because no matter what type of shoe you wear, you feet are important and need to have support. John Deere makes some of the toughest work boots for men; and has also made great looking boots for women and children with the same durability. No matter whom it is in the family that wants to get into the western wear fashions, John Deere is one brand of boot that offers a wide variety of styles and sizes so that the whole family can get in on the cowboy boot trend. But more than the look, this is a brand of boot that is made well and will give you a really comfortable fit.

Kids whose parents wear cowboy boots will no doubt want to follow suit. For the little cowboy or cowgirl, mom and dad need to find kids cowboy boots that fit well and offer comfort. When shoes are not made well, they won’t last and you have wasted your money. Buying a brand of kids’ cowboy boots that you know and trust is the best way to make sure that your little one has shoes that support their feet and will not fall apart after a few days or weeks of running and stomping around.

When you or your little ones want to rock the western look, the boot is all you really need. That’s right; one great pair of boots can pair great with blue jeans or overalls, a skirt or even a pair of shorts for girls. No matter where you’re going, that great pair of boots can compliment your outfit and make you look classy and relaxed. This is the true appeal of the western style, the relaxed and laid back feel that real cowboys exude. For you to look that way, start with the boots and work your way up from there. No need to go over the top. It’s the boots that get you noticed anyway.


Boys and their Toys

14 May

There are so many things that boys just seem to get into. This is the joy of boyhood; and the truth is, it doesn’t matter how old the boy is, he is usually up to something. In work or play, boys need the best possible shoe for the job. John Deere boots are a great fit for just about any type of work or play.

Starting from the youngest of boys, boys cowboy boots are a must have for the little cowboy. John Deere boots are made even for this little guy to scoot around in. Johnny Poppers are the name for the smallest size John Deere boots and they are made for comfort even though he isn’t yet walking. Johnny Popper boys’ cowboy boots make the perfect compliment for any outfit your little guy wears. The cozy boots come with a Velcro closure on the back to help get those little fat feet in the boots. They are all soft leather and feature rubber soles for traction. All linings inside the shoe are soft so they will not irritate little feet. Baby boys aren’t the only ones who are treated to Johnny Poppers; there are also pink Poppers for girls.

As they get older, boys want to look like their dads; their heroes. If dad is wearing John Deere boots, then little guy also needs some boys’ cowboy boots to look the part too. Starting at size 4T, the little cowboy can be treated to some dressy ostrich boots with green accents and the telltale John Deere logo. The boot features western style embroidery accents on the toe and a textured leather shaft with piping trim. For comfort, there is a rubber outsole with a square heel.

Boys cowboy boots need to accommodate their rough and tumble lifestyle and should therefore be built to stand up to dragging, stomping and all the other rigors of boyhood. John Deere boots are made just as well for kids as they are for mom and dad, so this can give you peace of mind that you are considering a top brand of boot; not one that will fall apart after one day of a wrangling calves.

For the son who hunts with mom and dad, John Deere has the all time favorite camo boots for kids to wear out in the woods. This boot has been one of the top sellers ever since they came on the market. Boys just love camo, and so these boots make a great gift for any boy. Even if hunting isn’t a sport he takes part in, these comfortable boots can be worn with blue jeans on a fishing trip or just out to dinner.

The standard John Deere boot that is plain as can be is great for those occasions where dress needs to be understated. It works with slacks or jeans and complements any outfit your boy will wear. Boots are great for any occasion and since John Deere boots come in a wide variety of styles for boys and girls of all ages, everyone in the family is set for the long haul.


Twisted X has the Whole Family Covered

13 May

Western wear is good for show and for work, and also for the whole family to just wear when going out for the night or running errands during the day. It doesn’t matter where you live or even what your main style of wardrobe is. You don’t have to go full-on cowboy to love the look of Twisted X boots.

Cowboy boots have a great classic look all their own. Twisted X boots are made to follow the traditional style of cowboy boots but with added comfort so you can wear them all day long without any discomfort. The technology used to create these boots goes above and beyond that of standard shoe manufacturers because the makers of Twisted X boots are boot lovers themselves. When you truly love what you do, you create something beautiful out of your work.

Not only do you get a good looking boot with any style of Twisted X boot; you also get a boot that has many special features to it. Each boot features an SD foot bed, which is Moisture wicking, antibacterial and machine washable. This adds much needed cushioning to lessen the impact on your foot as you walk, and also keeps your feet and shoes from smelling, well, a little less rosy.

All boots in this popular brand also come with the newest technology of an XSD Insole. This patent pending one-piece insole with injected composite X shank gives your feet maximum stability so when you are walking, working or riding; you have less chance of twisting an ankle or losing your balance. This is great technology for cowboys of all ages and sizes!

The 50K outsole is genuine super slab rubber. This outsole gives each step a little bounce and lessens the fatigue on your legs after a long day. The rubber outsole also gives you the best possible traction on any ground surface.

Mom and dad aren’t the only ones who should get to enjoy great cowboy boots. Instead of hitting just any local store to find girls cowboy boots, check out manufacturers who make superb boots for all types of work and play. Girls’ cowboy boots are the greatest way for your little girl to express her style all through the year. There are pink and red girls’ cowboy boots and even boots that light up when she steps.

Girls of all ages love cowboy boots because they are classic and timeless in their style. Cowboy boots can be worn for show; for work and for play. They are trendy enough that the whole family can find cowboy boots that fit their specific needs and favorite style. With the many manufacturers out there, you just have to make sure that no matter whose turn it is to get some new boots gets the best there is and not some shoe that just looks like a cowboy boot. Any boot should offer premium materials and superb support for any foot.


Getting the Cowgirl Look

13 May

Girls always like to have their own particular style. Whether it is for a party or to just create their own fashion sense, some girls really appreciate the style of a true cowgirl. Just how can your daughter express the cowgirl in herself? It’s easy. No Daisy Duke’s requires (in fact, they would not be recommended!)

Girls cowboy boots are the best part of her western style wardrobe. While kids’ cowboy boots come in tons of styles and colors, the girls’ cowboy boot is very special. Girls have a look all their own that is full of femininity even when the girl herself may be rough and tumble. Kids’ cowboy boots allow your girl to embrace and express both sides of herself at the same time – that is the beauty of the true cowgirl!

What your daughter wears to present herself as a cowgirl at heart can vary widely, really. She can edge it out to look modern and trendy with a pair of denim shorts, not too short (remember, no Daisy Duke’s!) and a t-shirt of any style or color. The point with clothes is to show all sides of yourself. Girls can have so much fun with their fashion, even when they stick to a western flair. The shorts and t-shirt, or denim skirt and t-shirt just give a modern edge. Pair this with some pink or red girls’ cowboy boots and you’ve got an outfit that shows off your daughter’s feminine side without going over the top western. This is such a great look that mom may want to copy it! Mom, stick with red, brown or black boots though.

Cowgirls also wear great jeans. These should be comfortable and boot cut at the bottom so they can fit over her kids cowboy boots. Wrangler is a great brand for the ultimate cowgirl at heart, but for the city girl who is trying out some western trends in her wardrobe, Levi’s 501s are also a great choice of jean. These are not too tight and allow room at the leg for her boots. Unless absolutely necessary, tucking jeans into cowboy boots, or wearing cowboy boots with skinny jeans shouldn’t be done. This was in style for a little while but is quickly going out.

The types of shirts that cowgirls wear can vary. A modern take on the plaid shirt could be that it is fitted and worn over a tank top or fitted t-shirt. There is no need for tassels or fringe on a western shirt unless it is for costume or for show. Girls are softer and subtle and can find pastel colored shirts to be very flattering. Sometimes older girls like to wear shirts that look bigger, like it came off of their boyfriend. This is a great look when worn over a fitted t-shirt.

Does a girl need to wear a cowboy hat to really look like a cowgirl? Not really. It’s not like she would wear her cowboy hat to school or to play at the park. Cowboy hats are mainly for outdoor times when riding or working. They shield the face from the harsh sunlight and top off the cowgirl look; but aren’t always necessary.


John Deere Has the Kids Covered

12 May

When they are still young, kids like to look just like mom and dad. When mom and dad are working out on the farm or in the barn or just around the house wearing their cowboy boots, the kids want cowboy boots for themselves too. John Deere is a boot maker that completely understands a child’s desire to look like their hero, their parent. They have made a great line of kids’ cowboy boots for the very purpose of giving kids that opportunity.

Kids cowboy boots are adorable no matter where you are going. The little ones don’t only have to wear boots around the house; they can head out to dinner; to the mall or even to school with their special pair of kids cowboy boots. Even the littlest cowboy or cowgirl can look their best in their own pair of John Deere boots. For the tiny ones, there are Johnny Poppers. These infant sized John Deere boots come in green and pink, so boys and girls can sport their own individual style.

As they get older, kids can move into John Deere boots that perfectly match the ones that mom or dad wears. For those times when you’re out teaching the younger generation to hunt, you can put them in their own pair of camo John Deere boots that match the boots you may be wearing. Just because they are younger doesn’t have to mean that they can’t get out there looking just like you do.

Toddlers and preschool aged kids love their own special style and shoemakers have gotten wise to this. Some boot manufacturers make tennis shoes that light up at the heel, something that the younger age group loves. So now the kid who loves light up shoes can get the same treat in their cowboy boots. Light up cowboy boots come in colors that both boys and girls will love, and the little buckaroos will look and feel their best with heels that flash as they step along.

As far as kids’ cowboy boots are concerned, it is safe to say that the little ones love them. They love the pointed toe, the stacked heel, the easy way that cowboy boots slide on and off. Everything about boots suit a child’s style and preference. But mom and dad can also feel good about putting little growing feet into cowboy boots, especially John Deere boots. Just like a good tennis shoe will feature arch support and a sole that will not slip or cause little ankles to twist; cowboy boots are made with all of those same safety features. You don’t have to worry that kids toes will be smooshed; or that their arches are not supported for safe growth. This makes cowboy boots a great shoe option that both children and their mom and dad can be happy about.

Whether John Deere boots that you wear or Twisted X or some other popular brand; your kid may want to share your style and this is something you can give them without sacrificing the health of their feet.